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Innovating in Medicinal Chemistry 

Wo Are We?

CHEM4PHARMA is a drug discovery company whose main foccus is the development of innovative treatments for Cancer and Alzheimer's Diseases.

CHEM4PHARMA partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, and academic institutions that shares our vision to bring together innovative solutions to patients in need. CHEM4PHARMA provide high quality innovative products, contract research projects, computer-aided drug design, custom synthesis, and process optimization services.

Our Vision

CHEM4PHARMA vision is to use strong scientific and work ethics to develop new products and methodologies for Research & Drug Discovery aiming at the development of new treatment options for several human diseases.

Our Mission

CHEM4PHARMA mission is set to provide high quality products and services that our Clients recommend to other investigators, your Employees are proud of, that add value to all our Partners, and remains true to our values.