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Screening Libraries

Screening Libraries

We offer a number of libraries of new and unique natural products with biological potential for High-Throughput Screening and biological assays. 


The structural and chemical diversity of natural products is unsurpassed by any synthetic libraries. In fact, about 40% of the chemical scaffolds found in natural products are absent in today’s medicinal chemistry repertoire. Moreover, semisynthetic derivatization generates novel derivatives that usually outperform the original biomolecules with respect to potency, stability and safety.


We have designed libraries characterized by high quality compounds with diverse and well-characterized chemical structures. We offer customized screening libraries, whereby you can choose the specific compounds you want in the library, and the quantities. Additionally, we can work with researchers on lead optimization projects and SAR studies, and re-supply is guaranteed.

If you would like to receive our catalog (available in sdf and pdf) please contact us by email ( or fill the following form.